“7 Genius Tips to Craft Headlines That Pop on Google Search!” 

 January 3, 2023

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In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, getting found on Google’s search results page is a crucial step. Yet, getting clicks and views on your pages is an entirely different matter. The key to achieving this is crafting headlines that pop on Google search. In this blog post, we will provide seven genius tips that will help you craft the perfect headline to appear at the top of the SERP.

1. The Power of Emotion
Emotionally charged headlines attract the most attention. People tend to click on headlines that evoke a strong feeling in them. Use emotional adjectives like stunning, beautiful, heartwarming, and horrifying to create headlines that spark an immediate response from your audience.

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2. Use Numbers
Numbers catch a reader’s eye and create an expectation of what will follow. Including numbers in headlines (e.g., “10 ways to lose weight fast”) increases click-through rates, making your article more appealing in Google search.

3. Stay Accurate and Specific
When it comes to headlines, the more specific, the better. Specific headlines will attract the right audience to your content. If your headline says you received “10,000 views” or “5-star rating,” make sure it’s accurate.

4. Be Sensational
Sensationalism is not always frowned upon in journalism. Adding a little sensationalism to your headlines creates intrigue in the reader’s mind, prompting them to want to read more. However, avoid “click-bait” headlines that are misleading and just serve to drive traffic.

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5. Use Keywords
Google uses keywords to rank search results. Your headline must include relevant keywords to ensure your article appears among the first search results. Using long-tail keywords in your headline will narrow down search terms, making your article visible to specific audiences.

6. Keep It Short and Simple
The attention span of internet users is minimal, and your headline must capture their attention within a few seconds. Short and straightforward headlines, tightly written to describe the content of the article, work best.

7. Ask a Question
Asking a question in your headline opens up a conversation with the reader. It creates an instant connection, sparking curiosity that will prompt them to read your article and gain insight into your topic.

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In conclusion, crafting the perfect headline takes an understanding of your audience, an awareness of search engine optimization, and a dash of creativity. With these seven tips, you will be able to grab your reader’s attention and convey the value that lies within your articles.


Q1. Why do headlines matter?
A. Headlines matter because they capture the reader’s attention and can make or break a reader’s decision to read an article.

Q2. Should headlines include keywords?
A. Yes, headlines should include keywords that match user search intent. Using relevant keywords helps in improving the ranking of the article.

Q3. How long should a headline be?
A. Headlines should be short, ideally between 8-10 words.

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Q4. How can I make my headline more appealing?
A. Use emotion, keywords, accurate specific details, ask a question, sensationalism, and numbers.

Q5. Is it ok to use sensational headlines?
A. Yes, as long as they are factual and not misleading clickbait, sensational headlines do create interest in the article.


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